Super Easy Glitter Slime

Most of my posts are food related, but we recently found out how ridiculously easy it is to make gorgeous glitter slime! My daughter loves it, and it really isn’t all that messy.

Speaking of my daughter, her name is Grace. She is my awesome model and demonstrator in these pictures <3.

To get started, you only need a few items:

Elmer’s Glitter Glue


-Baking Soda

Contact Lens Solution (must include sodium borate and boric acid- I used Up and Up Moisture Balance)

-Mixing Bowl or Large Ziploc Bowl

-Rubber Spatula

-Measuring Cups/Spoons

-Ziploc Bag or Airtight Container

As noted above, your contact solution must include sodium borate and boric acid. These are the activating ingredients. 

Be forewarned, there are a lot of step-by-step pictures in this post. This way, there is little room for error, and you should have no issue with your slime turning out correctly.

A few tips…

-The process moves fast, make sure you have all of your supplies nearby.

-Once the contact solution is added, the slime with begin to form. If it is still too sticky after kneading it, you can add a few additional drops of contact solution. Adding too much will make your slime less stretchy, and make it break apart too easily.

-I find it is best to let any remaining glue in the bowl dry up. Then it is as simple as peeling dried up glue off of your hands 🙂


  • 6oz Elmer’s Glitter Glue
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 T Baking Soda
  • 1 T Contact Lens Solution (must include sodium borate and boric acid)

(Detailed instructions with pictures below)

  1. Pour the entire bottle of glitter glue into medium/large bowl. It might take some extra effort to get the last little bit out of the bottle, but it is worth it.

2. Pour in 1/4 cup water.

3. Add 1/2 Tbsp of Baking Soda. Mix with Rubber Spatula, until incorporated.

4. Pour in 1 Tbsp of contact lens solution. Mix with rubber spatula until you can’t any longer. Once you can no longer stir, take the slime out of the bowl and begin kneading it.

Grace likes to stretch the slime out and then squeeze it back together again. 

5. At this point, if the slime is overly sticky, just add a few drops of contact solution. If you add too much, your slime will lose its stretchiness and break apart too easily.


6. Once the slime is not overly sticky, it’s done! Have fun playing with it!! When you are done playing, put the slime in a ziploc bag or airtight container to keep it fresh.

7. Clean up is super easy. Let the remaining mixture dry in the bowl, and then peel away!!


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