Piping Frosting on a Cupcake

Many novice bakers feel intimidated by the thought of piping frosting on a cupcake. Trust me, if I can do it…so can you!!

Champagne Cupcakes

This pic is from my Champagne Cupcakes!!

Getting Started

First you need to begin with some basic supplies, such as piping bags and tips. I prefer to use a 1M star tip. You can find some great starter kits.

Begin by dropping the tip into piping bag. I have found the best way to cut the bag so the tip fits, is to run a scissors along the outside of the bag.



Next, you will need to fill the bag. This can get kinda messy! So I recommend that you place the bag in a tall cup/glass and fold the top of the bag over the outside of the cup.



You will want to push down the frosting to help reduce the air bubbles. Do not fill the bag completely, as you will need some room to twist the bag shut at the end.


Once you have filled the bag, you will want to twist up the end tightly. You will want to hold this end with your primary hand as this is where you will apply pressure. Squeeze out a little bit of frosting into your bowl, to squeeze out any remaining air bubbles.

Now you are all set! Ready to begin piping??

As mentioned above, you will want to hold top of the bag using your primary hand. If you need to use your other hand for additional control, try to hold the star tip and not the bag. The heat from your hand will cause your frosting to melt.

In the center of your cupcake, use your primary hand to put a little bit of pressure on the bag, this will create a star on your cupcake. Release pressure and lift.


Then you will want to swirl around the outside of the cupcake, without releasing pressure, add another layer of swirl on top of the first one. Then one more small swirl at the top. Once you are finished, simply release pressure.



If you don’t get it right away, try not to be discouraged….practice makes perfect!! You can even practice on a plate or parchment paper if you would like!

The cupcakes featured in the images above are my Maple Bacon Cupcakes…yum yum yum!!

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