It has been a while since I’ve posted a new cookie recipe to my site, but let me tell you…these were worth the wait. And you don’t even need a mixer!! The name says it all….Brown Butter (YUM) Bourbon (YUM) and Dark Chocolate (YUM!!!). You definitely cannot go wrong with these. Brown Butter– It has… More »

Today we celebrated my Niece Robyn’s 2nd Birthday!! It was a great day, and we even got to go swimming! Since Robyn is so young, my sister did not want me to go over the top with the cupcakes, so we decided something bright and colorful would be best! These rainbow cupcakes definitely fit that… More »

So I am not ready for Winter…I still want to hang on to some of the delicious fall recipes…like apple pie! These cupcakes encompass all of the flavors of apple pie in one delicious cupcake! They are even filled with homemade apple pie filling!! The cupcake itself is actually a variation of the base for… More »

Today was a very special day…I got to celebrate my wonderful friend’s baby shower! Laura and I have been friends for 10+ years now, and have gone through it all together. When we were met, I was fresh out of high school. Now we are both happily married, and Mom’s (and Momma-to-be’s)! I had the… More »

These pretzels bites are so incredibly amazing. They are soft and chewy, and SO comforting! They are great for football parties, holiday parties, or an easy snack (they can be warmed up from frozen!). They taste so good, that no one will believe that you made them yourself! You may notice that my bites do… More »

  Let’s talk Chili….I have to admit, I spent most of my life hating it! I know, I know… However, as an adult, I smartened up and realized it is perfect for these brisk Fall days. I just had to find a type of chili that suited my tastes….and this is most definitely it! My… More »

I would like you to introduce you to Sweet Potato- Chips!! These crisp, crunchy, delightfully tasty chips are SO easy to make. You will be wondering why you haven’t made them before! My Husband (Josh) and I just kind of stumbled across this recipe. We really try our hardest to make home cooked meals, and… More »

All I have to say is MMMM… Caramel! These cupcakes are packed full of caramel flavor! The cupcake itself is a brown sugar cupcake, which really lets the caramel flavor shine through! It is then filled with a freshly made Salted Caramel Sauce (MMMmmmm..), and topped with Salted Caramel Buttercream!! It is super decadent, but… More »

A little known fact about me….I was born in West Germany! My Dad was in the army, and at the time my family was stationed in West Germany. As cool as that is, we moved back to the United States before I turned two. There are a ton of great photos of me exploring Germany,… More »

  Be forewarned…..these mozzarella sticks are delicious!! But that is okay, because they are simple to make. They only use TWO-INGREDIENTS…egg roll wrappers and string cheese. You will also use a drop of water to help seal the mozzarella sticks, dipping sauce if you so choose, and of course oil for frying! My husband and… More »