Minnie Mouse Cupcake-Cake



We recently celebrated my Niece Robyn’s 4th birthday. She loves Minnie Mouse, so my Sister asked me to make a Minnie Mouse Cupcake Cake!


This is super easy to do, just follow these instructions!! You just need a few things:

-33 cupcakes (this includes the 5 cupcakes at the top for the bow)

– Thick Frosting, you will want to make 2-3 times of what you normally use. You will use  a lot overlapping the frosting, and filling in the gaps. I used my Vanilla Buttercream Frosting recipe.

Full-sheet cake pad, or other working surface

-Size 846 and 808 piping tip, and piping bag

Red and Black gel food coloring to tint the frosting

-Mini-Marshmallows for the polkadots



You will want to pick a working surface. Keep in mind that if you plan to transport your cupcakes, you will need a surface big enough for them. I used a full-sheet cake pad. Some people like to place a dab of frosting under each cupcake. I don’t. I feel that the weight of the cupcakes themselves is enough.

Use 5 cupcakes at the top to make the bow, and the remaining cupcakes following the guide below to make Minnie’s dress.



Frosting these cupcakes is very similar to piping frosting on a regular cupcake, except you will need to overlap as much as possible. This will help them look like a cake and not just a bunch of cupcakes 🙂.

I made a double-batch of my Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and used red gel food coloring to tint it. It should only take a few drops, but you might need to add more to achieve the shade of red that you are looking for.

Prepare a piping bag with the 846 size piping tip, and fill with frosting. Pick a starting point (I normally choose the top left) on the dress and begin. If you have never piped frosting, I have a few tips here. I do just a simple swirl on these. Take your time and remember to overlap as much as possible…you will still have some gaps. Fill in the gaps with your remaining frosting.

Then, I use a half-batch of Vanilla Buttercream and use black gel food coloring to tint it. With black, you may have to use more than a few drops, just because it is a deeper color. Prepare a piping bag with the 808 size piping tip, and fill with frosting. Put three thick lines of frosting over the waist of the dress. Then liberally squeeze the remaining frosting  onto the 5 cupcakes on the top. Then, use an offset icing knife to smooth out the frosting.


Lastly, you will want to take mini-marshmallows and place them on the frosting in a polka-dot pattern. You should push them into the frosting a little bit, to help them hold their place.


Enjoy your beautiful creation!!

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