Heart Shaped Cupcake-Cake

I have had so much fun making cupcake-cake’s lately! I am continuously amazed at the different shapes you can make just by arranging cupcakes. Plus, it doesn’t take an expert decorator to make these look great!

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to share my Heart Cupcake-Cake with you!



To begin this process, you will just need a couple of things:

-28-29 cupcakes (my picture shows 28, but I suggest 29 if you can fit them)

– Thick Frosting, you will want to make 2-3 times of what you normally use. You will use  a lot overlapping the frosting, and filling in the gaps

I used my Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting recipe

-Half-sheet cake pad, or other working surface

-Size 846 piping tip, and piping bag

I wanted a pink heart, so I used gel food coloring to tint the frosting



You will want to pick a working surface. Keep in mind that if you plan to transport your cupcakes, you will need a surface big enough for them. I used a half-sheet cake pad. Some people like to place a dab of frosting under each cupcake. I don’t. I feel that the weight of the cupcakes themselves is enough.

Begin by making the outer ring of the heart. This took me 18 cupcakes.



Take your remaining cupcakes and fill in the middle as much as you can. You want as few gaps as possible.




Frosting these cupcakes is very similar to piping frosting on a regular cupcake, except you will need to overlap as much as possible. This will help them look like a cake and not just a bunch of cupcakes 🙂

Pick a starting point (I normally choose the top left) and begin. If you have never piped frosting, I have a few tips here. I do just a simple swirl on these. Take your time and remember to overlap as much as possible, and you will have some gaps.


In the gaps, pipe in frosting until they are entirely filled, and top off with a piped star.

Soon you will have a beautiful creation that looks just like a heart!



If you are planning to pipe any words or any other decorations onto your cupcakes, I would suggest refrigerating it first.


Enjoy, and get creative!

I welcome your feedback, please let me know what you think!