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I would like you to introduce you to Sweet Potato- Chips!! These crisp, crunchy, delightfully tasty chips are SO easy to make. You will be wondering why you haven’t made them before! My Husband (Josh) and I just kind of stumbled across this recipe. We really try our hardest to make home cooked meals, and… More »

Caramel is a wonderful…wonderful thing!! I love just about anything that has it as a featured ingredient!! I always thought that in order to make caramel at home, I would need a candy thermometer. It turns out that a candy thermometer isn’t needed, plus it is really simple!! Just 4 easy ingredients, and about 10… More »

St. Patrick’s Day is less than a month away! And as we all know, we are all a little Irish on St. Patty’s Day  🙂 I have been very excited to try out some alcohol infused goodies to share with all of you!!! First Up, Whiskey Infused Whipped Cream…..MMMM I LOVE this recipe. It is… More »