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I am so happy that I am finally able to share this recipe with you! It has almost been three years since my family moved into our current home. One of the best features is the garden in the backyard! My Husband and I always wanted to start a garden, but didn’t have a good… More »

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These stuffed mushrooms taste amazing and are great for low carb diets!! I also love that they can be prepared ahead of time, and baked when needed. I highly recommend placing them on a silicone baking mat. It is non-stick, and easy to clean. The sautéed garlic gives these mushrooms a lot of flavor…but my… More »

These pretzels bites are so incredibly amazing. They are soft and chewy, and SO comforting! They are great for football parties, holiday parties, or an easy snack (they can be warmed up from frozen!). They taste so good, that no one will believe that you made them yourself! You may notice that my bites do… More »

I would like you to introduce you to Sweet Potato- Chips!! These crisp, crunchy, delightfully tasty chips are SO easy to make. You will be wondering why you haven’t made them before! My Husband (Josh) and I just kind of stumbled across this recipe. We really try our hardest to make home cooked meals, and… More »

  Be forewarned…..these mozzarella sticks are delicious!! But that is okay, because they are simple to make. They only use TWO-INGREDIENTS…egg roll wrappers and string cheese. You will also use a drop of water to help seal the mozzarella sticks, dipping sauce if you so choose, and of course oil for frying! My husband and… More »

Caramel is a wonderful…wonderful thing!! I love just about anything that has it as a featured ingredient!! I always thought that in order to make caramel at home, I would need a candy thermometer. It turns out that a candy thermometer isn’t needed, plus it is really simple!! Just 4 easy ingredients, and about 10… More »

This has to be my most popular recipe! I have been making it since I was old enough to chop up the vegetables!! My family loves it SO much, my sister requests it as a birthday present!!   All the vegetables used are fresh, this really makes the flavor pop!! And perfect for your summer… More »