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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and these are the perfect treat for your sweetheart!!` I absolutely love how adorable these cookies are!! They are colorful, fun, and taste SO good!!! We all know these colorful hearts are such a fun part of V-Day, but they are definitely an acquired taste… That is what… More »

I am so happy that I am finally able to share this recipe with you! It has almost been three years since my family moved into our current home. One of the best features is the garden in the backyard! My Husband and I always wanted to start a garden, but didn’t have a good… More »

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I can’t believe it, today is the three year anniversary of my blog!!!! Time sure flies! In making homemade baked goods, it can be difficult to make them as moist as boxed cakes. However, buttermilk does wonders!! Enter Pink Velvet cupcakes…. These cupcake are a vanilla version of their delicious big sister, Red Velvet. They… More »

These stuffed mushrooms taste amazing and are great for low carb diets!! I also love that they can be prepared ahead of time, and baked when needed. I highly recommend placing them on a silicone baking mat. It is non-stick, and easy to clean. The sautéed garlic gives these mushrooms a lot of flavor…but my… More »

I LOVE lasagna, it was one of my favorite meals when I was a kid! My favorite part is the noodles. I love lasagna with lots of layers…that is what makes lasagna rolls so great! They are cheesy and rolled into a ton of layers. Plus they cook a lot quicker than traditional lasagna. I… More »

Are you ready for these??? I most definitely am! I love everything S’mores related…and these cupcakes have been a long time coming! I have tried a few different recipes in the past. Although they were delicious, I didn’t feel they fully represented S’mores. To be true to the taste, I felt that we needed two key… More »

Having a good slow cooker meal is priceless! It helps out during the week when you want to have a nice dinner, but don’t have a lot of time. It is also a lifesaver when you have a crowd to feed! When cooked to perfection, the meat will be tender and easily pull apart. It… More »

It has been a while since I’ve posted a new cookie recipe to my site, but let me tell you…these were worth the wait. And you don’t even need a mixer!! The name says it all….Brown Butter (YUM) Bourbon (YUM) and Dark Chocolate (YUM!!!). You definitely cannot go wrong with these. Brown Butter– It has… More »

So I am not ready for Winter…I still want to hang on to some of the delicious fall recipes…like apple pie! These cupcakes encompass all of the flavors of apple pie in one delicious cupcake! They are even filled with homemade apple pie filling!! The cupcake itself is actually a variation of the base for… More »